VEMS S50B30 PnP Kit


Product information

VEMS PnP for S50B30 engines offers full control over your engine and even allows further features and control that the stock ECU is incapable of offering. The PnP is a wire adapter kit that will allow you to plug in a VEMS into your S50B30 engine loom.

No longer are you restricted to using a MAF to measure the amount of airflow you are getting and no longer restricted in the design of your intake system like when having to use a MAF.

The ECU PnP kit will fit right in but it is recommended to use the supplied wideband lambda sensor for fuel tuning and built in MAP sensor for load sensing. For the S50 the best setup is a joint Alpha-N and Speed Density setup that gives the best of both worlds.

Kit consists of
  • VEMS suitable for S50B30
  • VEMS 400kpa MAP sensor (capable of 3bar boost (43psi boost))
  • Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband sensor and extra wiring.
  • Bosch air temp sensor and a patch cable to extend to the original air temp connector. ( The standard sensor is not fast enough to use in a speed density system). This will not fit in the OEM location and should be fitted somewhere prior to your throttle body
  • Base map for a standard engine

This kit is meant to replace your S50B30 ECU for your S50 engine. The S50B30 came in the Euro E36 M3 exclusively. The kit continues to operate the fully variable intake vanos.

The software is free and can be downloaded from here VEMSTune , make sure you download the latest nightly version.

The auxiliary connectors allows more analog and digital inputs as well as power outputs for controlling external devices like boost controllers, fan controller etc.

Technical specifications

Condition New