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PNPECU has devoloped it´s own single box solution for the E30 M3 and incorporated the features and functionality that we believe every PnP should have and E30 M3 owners would like to have.

The E30 M3 is now a very rare and exclusive car and so any unnecessary and non-reversible modifications are often frowned upon. Our PNP requires no modifications that are not easily reversed.

This PNPECU solution is based on Baldurs Control Systems LPC4 ECU. The PnP has been designed around the 35pin OEM DME connector pinout to interface with the engine and vehicle with additional functionality thanks to the LPC4.

The Base map provided already has all inputs and outputs configured and so minimal setup should be required.

PNPECU provides lifelong free setup support to the original buyer. If you are not the original buyer of the ECU and require setup support, please contact us.



Fast acting air temp sensor

Fast acting air temp sensor loom

Auxiliary connectors and terminals (40 pin and 16pin)

USB communications cable.


Hardware specs

32 bit microcontroller

4 dedicated injector outputs, 5A max current. Saturated (high-Z) injectors driven directly. Must use resistors for peak&hold (low-Z) injectors.

4 dedicated ignition outputs. Logic level 5v output as well as low side driven IGBT outputs.

8 extra outputs suitable for PWM idle control, fuel pump relay control, tachometer output, boost control and more.

2 dedicated engine speed inputs, support logic level and some VR sensors as standard. 

2 extra inputs for road speed, turbocharger speed or frequency based MAF sensors. Can also be used as switch inputs

1 dedicated active low switch input

Built in 4000mbar MAP sensor with 4mm push-lock bulkhead fitting. Suitable for up to 3 bar boost at sea level. MAP can also be taken from an unused analog input and external sensor, freeing the internal sensor for barometric correction.

3 extra 12 bit analog inputs, selectable as lambda inputs, external MAP sensor, active low switches, multiplexed switches and calibration switch

CAN bus for interfacing with peripherals such as transmission control, dash displays, VGT actuators or sensor interfaces

Native USB connection. No USB-232 converter or associated hassle.

Data logging at over 50Hz standard via USB to computer running calibrator software

8GB Internal data logging memory option on purchase time with real time clock for time stamping of log files. Up to 500Hz data logging rate. Versatile logging conditions and burst logging.

Operating temperature range -40°C to 100°C. Recommended that ambient temperature in mounting location does not exceed 60°C

ECU temperature sensor integrated

2 years parts+labour warranty

Unit may be returned for reconfiguration of purchase time options after purchase time

Software feature highlights

Advanced but ergonomic PC calibrator application.

Fuelling and ignition maps with fully configurable dimensions up to 256 fields. (Can have for example 16 load breakpoints and 16 speed breakpoints, or 10 load breakpoints and 25 speed breakpoints)

Individual injector fuelling variation based on engine speed and load (up to 256 fields).

Individual cylinder spark timing variation based on speed and load (up to 256 fields) if cam sync present, up to 8 cylinders

Turbo boost control for any PWM operated pressure or vacuum solenoid, wide frequency range. Suitable for wastegated as well as VGT turbochargers.

Unused extra outputs can be programmed as on-off based on all running parameters

Firmware field upgradable over USB. No special hardware required. Firmware updates free of charge, new features still being developed.

Advanced launch control and traction control

Short term fuel trims (closed loop lambda control)

Long term fuel trims (automatic fine tuning of fuel map)

Advanced nitrous oxide control strategy (2 stages, wet or dry, progressive PWM based on any parameter)

Gear shift power reduction for clutched or clutchless upshifts

Industry leading CAN bus implementation. Lets the tuner configure CAN bus broadcast packet content to match almost any target device.

Up to 8 different calibrations for most major functions selectable using an external switch

Vast array of error detection functions and engine protection parameters

For further E30 M3 detailed information see the TECHNICAL DOCUMENT