MaxxECU E23 M106 PnP kit

£1,606.50 (inc. VAT)

Product information

MaxxECU PnP for the BMW E23 745i offers full control over your engine and even allows further features and control that the stock ECU is incapable of offering. The PnP is a loom upgrade kit that includes modifications to the standard loom to accommodate the sequential injector setup, boost control solenoid and new air temp sensor.

No longer are you restricted to using a AFM/MAF to measure the amount of airflow you are getting and no longer restricted in the design of your intake system like when having to use a AFM/MAF.

Kit consists of
  • MaxxECU Street
  • Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband sensor and extra wiring.
  • M106 Loom upgrade 
  • Fast air temp sensor
  • 580cc high impedance injectors

Loom upgrade information: 

MaxxECU Street upgrade is your way of using your stock engine loom yet upgrade to a standalone and gain further features that the stock loom doesn´t provide all while maintaining the stock appearance.

Upgrade gives you :

  • Fast air temp sensor
  • Individually wired injectors for sequential fuel injection
  • Use of the KLR knock retard and automatic transmission shift signal

This does require you to send us your engine loom for modifications, PnP ECU does not source and supply looms as the conditions are unknown. The loom must come from a working car. No components are ordered until the loom is delivered to us. The loom will not work with the OEM ECU after its been modified.

If you want to get rid of the KLR ECU and use the knock sensor directly a Race ECU is required. contact us to discuss your options.