Euro S50B30 PnP solution

£440.30 (inc. VAT)

Product information

PNPECU harness for S50B30 engines offers full control over your engine and even allows further features and control that the stock ECU is incapable of offering. The PnP adapter is a wire adapter kit that will allow you to plug in a ECU of your choice into your S50B30 engine loom.

What is also available is modifications of your OEM loom to suit any number of ECUs saving you from having a full loom produced for your solution.

Some functionality may not be available with your supplied ECU so contact PNPECU to discuss 
The price includes setting up your ECU and testing the adapter harness using your supplied ECU. Same goes for full loom modifications.

The image is for a VEMS PNPECU S50B30 adapter. Your ECU solution maybe different.