Early motronic loom upgrade

£359.38 (inc. VAT)

Product information

VEMS Early motronic upgrade is your way of using your stock engine loom yet upgrade to a standalone and gain further features that the stock loom doesn´t provide all while maintaining the stock appearance.

We sell a variety of standalones and will adapt the harness to the one you have bought VEMS, MaxxECU, Link og BCS.If you wish to use a different standalone then please contact us.

The loom modification is now available to all Motronic 1.3 and previous BMW models.
This means all BMWs of 3,5 or 7 series older than E39 and E36 and not using a M5x engine

Motronic 1.2/1.3 was found on the later BMW M20, M30 and early S38 engines. You can identify if you have a  such a system by the crank trigger on front of the engine having 58teeth and 2 missing. Alternatively contact us.

Upgrade gives you :
Variable TPS
CAM Sync input ready for timed sequential fuel injection
Wasted spark output ready
Individually wired injectors for sequential fuel injection
Fast acting air temp sensor as AFM will no longer be used.

This does require you to send us your engine loom for modifications, PnP ECU does not source and supply looms as the conditions are unknown. The loom must come from a working car. No components are ordered until the loom is delivered to us. The loom will not work with the OEM ECU after its been upgraded.

When upgrading your loom and utilising a standalone you can improve your system to enhance its capabilities that the OEM ECU was not able to do. With functionality like boost control, flat shifting (wot shifting), launch control, antilag and more. Standalones also allow remote data viewing / logging via bluetooth/wifi/CAN. 

If you have a loom from another car that you are interested in upgrading please contact us.