DSL1 kit for OM605 / OM606 / OM602.980

£861.56 (inc. VAT)

Product information

The DSL1 Diesel controller kit is the perfect tuning solution for your Mercedes OM605 / OM606 or OM602.980 Diesel engines as it gives you full control of the engine as well as boost control and optional logging capability.

Control features are
  • 32 bit microcontroller
  • External dimensions 115x106x46mm
  • Fuelling at any engine speed indepentently adjustable.
  • Configurable hard engine speed limiting.
  • Fuel limiting based on charge air pressure (boost)
  • Overcurrent protection for rack solenoid
  • Pedal position error detection and override
  • Rack solenoid operation error detection and override
  • Tach output to drive a rev counter intended for any number of cylinders
  • Cruise control
  • Water/methanol or nitrous control strategy
  • User configurable fuel limit functions, can be used as launch control rev limiters, traction control, EGT safety, etc.
  • Calibration switch input offers ability to have two sets of maps installed to switch between while driving
  • Turbo boost control for any PWM operated pressure or vacuum solenoid, wide frequency range. Suitable for wastegated as well as VGT turbochargers.
  • Turbo boost strategy based on requested fuel quantity, allows for maximum fuel efficiency when properly calibrated
  • Glow heating relay control with programmable pre-start and after-start heating duration depending on engine temperature
  • CAN 2.0 bus for interfacing with peripherals such as transmission control, dash displays, VGT actuators or sensor interfaces. Internal 120Ω termination by default, can request unterminated CAN bus at time of order if unit will not be an end node on the CAN bus. Data rates configurable from 125kbit to 1000kbit. Fully user definable CAN transmission and reception formats.
  • OBD2 over CAN bus, enables use of OBD2 compatible aftermarket equipment such as gauges, displays and scan tools
  • Native USB connection. No USB-232 converter or associated hassle.
  • Data logging at over 50Hz standard via USB to computer running calibrator software
  • Internal data logging memory option on purchase time with real time clock for time stamping of log files. Up to 100Hz data logging rate. Units without this option may be returned to have this option fitted at any time for a small fee. With this option, data logs can be recorded by the controller when no laptop is connected and retrieved later, otherwise a laptop must be connected to record logs.
  • 8 user configurable outputs for any purpose
  • 2 year parts+labor warranty
  • Unit may be returned for reconfiguration of purchase time options after purchase time

The kit includes : 
DSL1 Diesel controller
PnP adapter

The ability of the DSL1 surpasses just controlling the base engine as with all its extra functionality makes it for the ideal engine swap controller when you want to fit a OM605 / OM606 or OM602.980 into another vehicle and you need to retain some of that vehicles OEM functionality like Tacho via output or CAN etc.

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