DID1 PnP kit for OM611 / OM612 and OM613

£1,118.60 (inc. VAT)

Product information

The DID1 Diesel controller is the perfect tuning solution for your Mercedes OM611 / OM612 or OM613 Diesel engines as it gives you full control of the engine as well as boost control and optional logging capability.

Note : If you are fitting a OM61x engine into another chassis then you need to also order the additional connectors.
  • 11 configurable low-side switch outputs 7 of which are PWM capable.
  • 14 0-5V analog inputs
  • 5 general purpose digital inputs Not counting crank/cam sensor inputs. 
  • 1 K-type thermocouple input Measurable range 0 to 1350◦C
  • On board barometric pressure sensor
  • 8 GB On board data logging memory Capable of recording data at up to 1000Hz on selected channels or every channel simultaneously at up to 500Hz. Real time clock for log time stamps.
  • 2 CAN 2.0B interfaces Capable of sending and receiving arbitrary data as well as serve OBD2 over CAN. Data rates configurable up to 1Mbps.
  • LIN bus interface For control of turbocharger actuators and other devices relying on LIN networking.
  • 1 Analog output 0-5V mappable to perform any function, perfect to provide a throttle or engine torque signal to transmission controllers or other devices not CAN-enabled.

The kit includes : 
DID1 Common rail diesel controller

The ability of the DID1 surpasses just controlling the base engine as with all its extra functionality makes it for the ideal engine swap controller when you want to fit a OM61x into another vehicle and you need to retain some of that vehicles OEM functionality like Tacho via output or CAN etc.

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