BCS 2nd Gen LPC8 Euro S50B30 PnP Kit

£1,313.76 (inc. VAT)

Product information

The BCS PnP kit for the Euro S50B30 allows you to gain full control over the engine while allowing easy fitment into your car, be it the original car or after a engine swap. All OEM functions are maintained.

The base kit assumes the engine has been fitted with Smart coils / VAG coils / IGBT / Ignitor coils. This means the standard BMW coils will not work. Most common is to fit VAG coils to S5x engines. Alternatively its possible to purchase the Ignition output add on solution to retain the standard coils.

Kit contents

  • BCS LPC8
  • 1x LSU 4.9 Sensor with extension
  • Wiring adapter

Have a look at the LPC8's page for more detailed feature list as its too large to list